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Well if this week's update doesn't feature my two favorite niggahs -- Mr. NOVA and E. Sure, I know them both, and sure, they're almost best friends, and that means since they've both had me that they can share me at the same time! At least that's what E told me, and why shouldn't I believe him? If he really wants to know how much he means to me, I can't just say no, can I? Duh! So when E called me and said to head over to the crib, I was right on my way! I wore my slutty pink dress withOUT panties (I *never* wear panties) and when i walked in, I sat right down on their couch and started working it myself. Didn't take but a couple minutes before those niggahs were stripped naked and stroking their enormous black cocks watching me, and soon they were stuffing my mouth full of their blackness. Girls, let me tell you one thing...nothing in the world tastes better than black cock! I mean it seriously has its own taste that I can't even describe. If you haven't tasted one yet, do it! Don't even ask your boyfriend...or, maybe if you're lucky, your boyfriend will find a colored boy home for you to suck while he watches! Hee hee! Hopefully you won't be as big a mess as I was after E and NOVA took turned hosing my face down with their black seed. Gawd I was coated!!! In fact I think there's still some behind my ear! LOL...until next week, Ta Ta for now!! Love, Spring!

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